Electricity bills are not likely to be going lower so the sooner you install a solar hot water system, the more money you will save.

Our high quality solar water heating system has positioned us amongst most innovative and one of the largest solar hot water heating system providers in Sri Lanka.

We are successfully marketing an environment friendly product which makes to lower the electricity consumption of household and commercial. It makes some contribution to lower the electricity consumption of Sri Lanka.

Did you know electric hot water systems use more power than any
other household appliance?

Switching to solar hot water can save you a lot of money.Installing a
solar hot water system will save you a lot of money.

24 hours hot water for all your needs
Ideal solution for ever increasing electricity bills
Environmental friendly
Wide range of capacities to select as per the customer
Free of any risks and health hazards
Short payback on the investment
Added value for your property
•  Can be customized in shape and size according to the place of installation

•  specially coated tubes to deliver superior performance that ensures availability of hot water even on partially cloudy days

•  10 years warranty

•  Number of technological strategies to minimize heat loss and improve durability - read more

•  Compact and light weighted

•  Can be easily moved to another building if the business relocates


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